There is something in the stones, something ancient and dark that will never let you go…

Evie Meyer and her son Alfie flee from her abusive partner to spend New Year with her half-brother Luke at their late father’s summer home on the Suffolk Coast, only to find Seahurst abandoned and Luke missing. Evie searches for her brother, filled with a deepening dread that something is very wrong at Seahurst and their father’s death may not have been suicide after all.

As Seahurst’s ancient and sinister secrets unfurl around her, Evie fears the souls of the dead will soon claim another terrible revenge.

COMING MAY 15th 2023

Reviews for S.A. Harris

“A perfect modern ghost story that will have you hiding under the covers.”

Prima Magazine

“An atmospherically creepy ghost story that keeps you guessing till the end! Sally Harris is one to watch.”

Angela Clarke – Sunday Times Best Selling Author

Seahurst is a suspenseful spine-tingling ghost story I absolutely loved! One moment I was holding my breath, and the next my heart was aching for Evie and her son Alfie. Harris has once again held me with her spell-binding prose.”


“I absolutely raced through this, completely gripped by the present day horrors faced by Evie and Alfie: uncertainty, loss, grief, and an all too believably manipulative and controlling man. Seahurst itself is a wonderful creation; beautiful, sinister, gleamingly modern, and  built on the bones of a terrible tragedy. Highly recommended.”

Amanda Mason – The Wayward Girls and The Hiding Place


It’s just how the light falls against the frame, but my eyes fix on the space where a face should be. On the edges of my vision, smaller shadows crawl along the walls, the trees outside spreading spindly fingers all over the room.

Is there a Ghost in this story?

Is there a Ghost in this story?

When Haverscroft was published, I was surprised to be asked if there was a ghost in the novel. My novel was a ghost story, so why was I asked this question so often? 

Witch Way

Witch Way

Suffolk is a county famed for its ghostly heritage and folklore. I was born near the coast and still love to spend time there beach combing. The excitement of finding a hag or witches’ stone, a hole cut right through its centre, never fades. It’s no surprise they have found their way into my writing.

Witches, Ghosts & Medieval Persecution

Witches, Ghosts & Medieval Persecution

Much of what eventually became Seahurst had been in my mind for decades, and pulling those unconnected events and ideas into a single narrative became the novel. Here are a few of the spooky ones…